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Dear Scott, I will not be able to come out till the end of Jan or the 1st of Feb. for a coyote hunt, so I'll make arrangements to get out there just after that. -- George       P.S. I copied an e-mail that I sent to a hunting friend in reference to my hunts in Montana, I thought you would like to see it. Here it is:

Bob, I did not shoot a deer in Montana on the second trip. I did see many 120 to 140 class that I could have shot, but I wasn't there for them. We made several stocks on 155 to 170+ bucks that always made the right moves for themselves. I have some great pictures of some that I passed on. I will send some pictures when I can get Georgie to help me. When I look at some of the pictures I ask myself WHAT WAS I THINKING?! But I chose not to shoot and I do feel pride in the fact I held to my standards all the way to the end. I saw many more than I would have if I had lowered my standards. I could have shot several 130's every day I was there. The second hunt was especially nice because I had Scott to myself for most of the time and we got to talk allot about all kinds of stuff. I like him, he is a good person as well as a great guide and outfitter. Well, got to go. -- George

Thanks again for a superb hunt. I really enjoyed the hunt, food, accommodations, and your hospitality. Jeff really worked hard to put us on deer. In case you didn't know, he has outstanding eyes for spotting deer. His dry sense of humor, skill at driving around angus during a snow storm and patience with putting up with my old bones were certainly appreciated. Keep up the great work. Maybe I'll visit one day for a fishing trip. Thanks. -- Jim Huggins 2004

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, Scott, and Jeff, Mike, and Cindy for an amazing hunting experience. As a hunter who has traveled a great deal of the country, I must tell you it is an amazing change to find an outfitter who not only delivers everything they represented in terms of number and size of game, but actually far exceeded those claims as well as the client expectations.

Besides the staggering amount of trophy deer we saw on a daily basis the scenery and landscape is without a doubt some of the most beautiful in the country. Your personal attention and the unparalleled knowledge of the land and scouting preparation shows the professionalism you and your staff has and is why all those who hunt with you are so eager to rebook the following year. I can’t imagine there are many other "fair chase" places to hunt in the country that could compare to yours in terms of quality of game, ethics, friendliness, hard work, scouting and deer patterning, land knowledge, beauty of surrounding area, or value.

We really feel blessed with the time we were able to share with you and your family this year, and are eagerly anticipating next year’s hunt. Please pass on good wishes to Cindy, Jeff, and Mike. As well as feeling free to pass on my contact info to any potential customers who wish talk some very satisfied clients. Look forwarded to hearing from you soon. Thanks and God Bless. -- Raymond L Rairigh Jr., Tampa, FL

Just a note to let you know that I had a great time hunting with you last week and I know John did too. Everything was near perfect. My only complaint was that the northern lights/aurora didn't act up. I guess I could have asked you to turn them on, but didn't want to impose on you knowing you were busy enough taking care of our hunting needs. (grin) Anyway, the food was very good and Mike was entertaining and attentive to our needs, the accommodations were ideal, the meat processor did a great job, and Brian did a fantastic job. Also, I had a fun time just watching the bucks chase the does, especially the little spike buck near the ranch house, not to mention trying to pheasant hunt with competition from the hawks. Thanks again for doing an excellent job. I hope to see you again in the future for another hunting trip or possibly a fishing trip. I really want to see how you fillet pike. -- Jim Huggins

I've been on a pure venison diet since I got back. The processor did a good job and those northern deer just taste great. Had a great time and I'm really looking forward to next year. (I'll have a deposit for you early January.) Thanks for everything. -- John Huggins

Thank you Cindy for the pictures, you’re a lifesaver! Guess Scott was right about there being 160+ B&C white tail bucks that the rancher didn’t know about. -- George

Just looked through the photos - great album! Especially good shots of Tracy right after he shot his deer. We took our time coming back - spent two nights on the road and got back noon Saturday. Thanks again for the great time. I can't see how you could expect the hunting to be any better. For me, the disappointment of flubbing my deer shot was more than outweighed by the adventure of that last day of hunting. But it's y'all's hospitality and friendship that really makes the trip - not the kill count. I know plenty of people here that hunt out West, but nobody that has as much fun as we do with the Sundheims. -- John Walker

The hunt it was way beyond anything I thought it would be. What more can in say -- thanks. The girls all loved the antelope we had for supper last night. You both really make a person feel at home and your family members and friends who stopped by were the same great people all the way around. Was 1364 miles out and was 1394 on way home and took three more hours at slower speed but was more relaxing. Hope the rest of you hunters have at least half as good of time as I had while I was there. They will be more then pleased. -- Les

Scott helped charter our six-party "women-only" fishing trip to Hell Creek. It was great and he was very professional (although he hasn't figured out how to stop the rain). We would go again without a second thought. Great Job, Scott!! -- Beverly Harris, Sandy Birkland, Darla Wade, Miles City.

Thanks to Scott's determination and expertise I was heading home with my tag on a nice buck instead of in my pocket. If you’re looking for a super deer bowhunt, with opportunities at lots of animals, I can highly recommend Scott Sundheim. -- Tom Tietz,

If Scott tells you that you are going to see a certain size deer, expect to see that or better. He is good with people and such a pleasure to be with. He can make a bad day fun. -- Jim Conley, Orlando, FL

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