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2005 Hunting Seasons

Elk, Deer and Antelope: Sept. 3 -- Oct. 16
Elk and Deer: Sept. 3 -- Oct. 16

Antelope: Oct. 9 -- Nov.9
Deer and Elk: Oct. 23 -- Nov. 27

Overlapping Rifle Season Dates
for Elk, Deer and Antelope

Oct. 23 -- Nov. 9

Upland birds
Spring Turkey: April 10 - May 9
Sharptail, Partridge and Turkey: Sept. 1 - Jan. 1
Sage Grouse: Sept. 1 - Nov. 1
Pheasant: Oct. 9 - Jan. 1

Hunting Guide Rates

Winter Coyote Hunts
$350 per day with lodging, meals
$250 per day W/O lodging, meals
Three-day hunt with lodging, meals for $1,000
Three-day W/O lodging, meals for $700
Deposit = $100 per day

Fall Archery Hunts:
10 Day White-tailed Deer/Elk combo: $5,500
5-Day Deer/Antelope: $2,850
5-Day Whitetail or Mule Deer: $2,500
3-Day Antelope $1,500
Add $700 for 1-on-1 guided hunts

Fall Rifle Hunts
5 Day Whitetail: $3,500 (Extremely Limited)
5 Day Mule Deer: $2,900
Deer/Antelope Combo: add $500
Add $700.00 for 1-on-1 guided hunts

All our hunts include:
5 or 10 Day Archery Hunts
5 Day Rifle Hunts
-- 2:1 guide, meals, accommodations, meat care, trophy care, and Transportation during the hunt including arrival to and from the local Airports in Sidney MT.  or Glasgow MT.

What is not included:
-- Airfare to and from Sidney or Glasgow International Airport; License and permit fees; processing, taxidermy, or shipping of game.

A $,1000, non-refundable deposit is required on all big game hunts. Payments are accepted as cash ( U.S. Currency), money orders, personal or cashier checks, Or VISA (add 4%)

License costs:
For guaranteed outfitter-sponsored nonresident licenses, (application deadline is March 15th )
Combo Deer & Elk $977.25
Elk only $877.25
Deer only $777.25
Antelope $ 203 (June 1 applicationdeadline)

License applications:
To download applications and get up-to-date license information and regulation visit  Montana 's Fish & Game web site

Northeastern Montana
is outstanding for
big game hunting

Sioux Pass Outfitters is located in Northeastern Montana, in one of the least populated areas of the state. All of our hunts, both bow and rifle, take place in the Missouri River Breaks region, famous for its abundance of Mule and Whitetail Deer, Pronghorn Antelope and Elk. Most people have either read or heard about the trophy animals that come from the Breaks every year. Terrain is a mixture of rolling hills, deep rugged rivenes, timber-dotted ridges and wandering creeks and river bottoms, with great stalking cover for both bow and rifle hunters.

Check out
our new whitetail / elk
archery hunts

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This is some of the best hunting in Montana with high game counts and good 4x4 vehicle accessibility. We have leased thousands of acres (over 465 square miles) of the best hunting in this area for our hunting operations. Our guides are seasoned local hunters. All Our hunts are limited and the private ranches are managed for trophy quality game.

Our bow hunts for elk take place in the Missouri River Breaks. The quality and quantity of the elk in these areas compare to any trophy elk area in North America. This is a limited-permit area for rifle Elk hunters, which insures the quality and numbers of elk for our bowhunters. There are 400-class bulls taken out of the Breaks area every year. We use tree stands or ground blinds over water holes, bugling and cow calling, and spot and stalk techniques to try and get our hunters a close shot.

Bow and Rifle hunts for Mule deer are done from ground blinds over water holes or near travel routes and by spot and stalk. Our Mule deer average between 22 and 27 inch 4x4‘s and range from 150 - 180 + B&C .


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Hunts for Whitetail deer are done from tree stands overlooking travel routes between feeding and bedding areas on the Missouri River bottoms. From ground blinds, tripod stands and shooting boxes when rifle hunting. This is the most effective way to hunt whitetails in this area. You can expect to see white tail bucks ranging from 120 to 145+ B.C., with 150's and 160's not uncommon.

Bow hunts for Antelope are primarily done from blinds at water holes and some decoying. These hunts are highly successful. Our shooter antelope are typically 13 - 15 inch bucks

I will try to answer some questions you might have concerning a Montana hunt with Sioux Pass Outfitters. Please feel free to call me and I will try to answer your specific questions. Montana's deer license is only good for one buck: whitetail or mule deer. Our pricing includes, hunting transportation, guiding (generally 2x1), meals and lodging. The lodging depends on which hunt you book and ranges from cabins with full accommodations, to camper trailers or wall tents.

We will help get your trophy to a taxidermist or assist in preparing it to go home with you. If you should desire, we have a reputable taxidermist that can take complete care of your trophy. We will provide airport pick-up at either Sidney MT. or the Glasgow MT.   Airports .

For meat processing, we will take your trophy to a meat cutter and you can decide what you would like done with it from there. You may wish to take your venison home with you or you may donate it to needy families in the area, which we can aid you in doing.

The State of Montana has several option regarding licensing for hunters. The first and most used is the outfitter sponsored guaranteed license. This license is 100% guaranteed and is the route most of our clients take.

Also, we would like to explain that when applying for an Outfitter Guaranteed license, the procedure is fairly strict. Once we receive your booking and deposits we will send out the license application and Outfitter Certification and have you return it A.S.A.P. to us for review. Once we receive both completed forms with your money order or cashier's check made out to Montana FWP, we will send it out with our signature. This must be done in advance of the State of Montana 's deadlines, (Deer & Elk March 15 th , Antelope is June 1 st ) Which is why we suggest booking early.

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At Sioux Pass Outfitters,
we hunt for quality, not quantity

Sioux Pass Outfitters only takes a limited number of hunters each year. By doing this, we manage the game and can do our best to make you feel at home and get the most enjoyable hunting experience possible. We will never have more than eight hunters in camp at a time with four to six being the norm.

Our hunters have enjoyed 100% opportunity on our deer and antelope hunts and 97% have taken the opportunity they were looking for. The archery elk hunt is also a very high opportunity hunt, with the biggest factor being hunter ability and determination. There are never any guarantees in fair chase hunting but if you decide to book a hunt with us our guarantee to you is that we will work hard and do our best to make it a memorable and enjoyable one.

If you have any other questions or would like a list of references and current prices give me a call and I would be happy to oblige! Just give us a call or e-mail us.

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